Private Voice Instruction

Beginning in 2014, Ms. Joella will be offering private instruction only.

To realize significant changes in voice and speech patterns, two eight-week courses of study are recommended:

  • Fundamental Understanding and Practice of Healthy Voice and Speech Habits
  • Artful, Effective Communication Skills

Ms. Joella’s unique approach to guiding her students means that each client is respected as an individual. At the end of 16 weeks of study, students should anticipate: better pronunciation of words, including significant reduction in regional speech; strong breathing habits that support excellent speech; stronger, healthier, more appealing voices; and fluid, relaxed communication skills.

Anyone who desires better oral communication skills will achieve remarkable results in this program.

Workshops for Businesses on How to Breathe

Breathing Like Your Life Depended on It

Additionally, Ms. Joella will be offering on-site information and motivational presentations to groups, organizations, and corporations on the ways and benefits of healthy breathing habits. If your organization is interested in having Ms. Joella speak with you, please fill out your contact information after clicking on the “Contact Us” tab. Mention that you are interested in the Breathing to Inspire Ourselves and Others Seminar. You’ll be taking a significant step toward making 2014 an “Inspired Year.”

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